Sample Brunch or Lunch Menu

Brunch Hors d'oeuvres
The following are some suggested hors d'oeuvres.
Miniature strawberry blintzes
Brie beignets with a raspberry dipping sauce
Spring vegetable & goat cheese strudel
Tuscan beef skewers with sundried tomato dip
Falafel with yogurt tahini dip
Miniature potato pancakes with an applesauce dip
Wild mushroom quesadillas
Tartlets filled with port poached pears and blue cheese
Applewood cheddar grapes

A salad of baby spinach with roasted peppers and spicy pecans dressed in raspberry vinaigrette

Brunch Buffet
Once guests have sampled the hors d'oeuvres, they will notice that a buffet has been set out. This buffet will feature:
Sides of smoked salmon and pastrami cured salmon served with all the appropriate garnishes including Russian dark bread and fresh bagels
A grilled chicken Paillards served with red and yellow peppers
Asparagus "Crespelle"... thin Italian style crepes are filled with asparagus and marscapone cheese, baked with a veil of Parmesan cheese and topped with asparagus
A selection of muffins and breakfast breads will be available: Bakery fresh breakfast breads, to include croissants, Homemade jams, herbed honeys and flavored butters

Omelet Station
An omelet station will be set out to feature a selection of omelets cooked to order including egg white omelets with a variety of fillings to include:
Red & yellow peppers
Smoked salmon
Wild mushrooms
Spring vegetables
Chopped spinach
Diced tomatoes
Shredded cheddar
Sautéed mushrooms
Egg white omelets will also be available

A Tropical fresh fruit display to include grapes, strawberries
Silver Trays of miniature sweets and cookies
Fresh Brewed Gourmet Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee
Premium Teas
Fresh Lemon, Half & Half, Sugar, and Sweet & Low

Optional Alternatives
Wild mushroom tortas, deep-dish vegetable "pies" combining mushroom and spring greens in a flaky pastry crust
Ranch-fried baby red potatoes
Home baked biscuits and gravy
Classic potato gratin

Pasta Station
A selection of pastas cooked to order will be available. This selection can include:
Pasta with asparagus and a touch of cream
Pennette with grilled spring vegetables, goat cheese & pine nuts
Artichoke Crespelle - thin Italian style crepes are served with a filling of sautéed baby artichokes and mascarpone cheese atop a light tomato sauce
Napa Valley Grilled Ravioli served atop wilted arugula
Pasta with a light tomato & roasted pepper sauce
Pasta with smoked salmon and dill
Wild mushroom ravioli in a sauce of wilted arugula with sautéed mushrooms

Pannini Station
A selection of "panini" (small Italian sandwiches) to include:
Grilled chicken on focaccia with avocado
Tiny knot rolls filled with grilled vegetables and Monterey Jack cheese with a roasted garlic mayonnaise
Roast beef with cheddar and horseradish on dark bread